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Your local RA exists to ensure that the Friars Cliff area of Christchurch continues to be the warm, attractive, friendly neck of the woods that we love so much. We not only keep a look out for any developments, proposed changes or other events that might affect us but, through regular quarterly meetings and social events (skittles, quiz evenings, summer outings, etc.), aspire to create a community spirit for all to enjoy.

Look through this web-site for information on local organisations, our own events, the history and geography (including maps) of Friars Cliff, details of the local infrastructure (including planning issues), a list of RA officers and other RA matters.

If you are not yet a member but would like to join, check who is your street warden (details on the website) and contact them. It only costs £2 per household per year (this is a minimum; you are welcome to give more). This entitles you to attend the quarterly meetings and to receive our quarterly newsletter – Friars Forum.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Next Social Event:  QUIZ NIGHT. Friday 6 October 2017 at Highcliffe Golf Club, 7.15pm.
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August 2017 - with apologies for his absence, your webmaster is back from a long period away, to find most local issues have been resolved to our liking.  The Noisy Lobster's appeal for a 1st-floor extension was rejected by the inspector as being "overly intrusive", the concrete blocks have been buried for the summer season and the developers of the Pinebeach site have had their revised plans for a bigger building refused because "it would be in breach of the building line" - a nice technical point.

So saying, it is unlikely to be the end of the Noisy Lobster's ambitions and meanwhile your committee are concerned about late night noise. It seems that the car park is not being closed when it should be (11pm?)

The concrete blocks have been buried under the sand for the rest of the summer. They have become part of a much larger Coastal Improvement Scheme, for which there are some Central Government funds to add to CBC's existing budget for beach works.  There are large display boards at the beach, giving proposals. These are subject to consultation and planning consent.  Various chances for us locals to have our say have taken place and our views have been taken on board, although not, I expect, to everyone's liking.

The Pinebeach developers say the building for which they DO have planning consent is not financially viable. The fear here is that they will not hurry to do anything, leaving the existing eyesore with all its security problems. You committee will continue to monitor the situation.

The other big issue remains unresolved, namely Local Government Reorganisation.  Our local MP, Christopher Chope, is leading the campaign against CBC merging with Bournemout/Poole.  George Osborne (remember him?) had expected it all to be resolved by now,  but his own fortune and that of the Central Government are such that the issue is not at the top of the list.

It is hoped that you are all receiving your free copy of the new Christchurch Times, which is a vast improvement on the Advertiser (which it replaced) in advising of local issues and thus deserves your attention, if you wish to keep up to date....